Mad City TREVOR 4 New order

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Meet the continuation of the adventures of T.r.e.v.o.r. – the most unbalanced character in the games Extereme Games.In the fourth part you will enjoy the new city – T.r.e.v.o.r. left his ranch and moved to his males in the city.Harmful habits in combination with an explosive nature involve him in constant parties with the consequences.The game implements the behavior of a drunken T.r.e.v.o.r. through an attempt to aim the target at any target – it will be very difficult, because drunk years hit on health. This is not a bug – now your task is to comply with the drunken T.r.e.v.o.r.’s management) – and this is one of the many features of the game.One of the features of T.r.e.v.o.r. is his partial invulnerability to a large amount of damage, half of which is done by the hero himself.The unique appearance of the character is mirrored to his essence, a set of clothes includes a battered dirty T-shirt, shoes and baggy jeans.In the game there is a tense situation in the circle of T.r.e.v.o.r., due to his quick temper. Try to go through the line of story missions and raise the social status, this is at first glance a missing character for society. You are waited by absolutely free many hours game plot, without access to the Internet, beautiful online city.
*12*= switch weapon*mouse*= look, shoot, aim, switch weapon*space*= jump*E*=sit or exit car*WASD*= move or drive*P*= pause*shift*= rear mirror*V*= switch car camera*U*= open parachute

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