Pokemon Sapphire

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Pokemon Sapphire

Are you an explorer and have always dreamed about being a Pokemon hunter, just like Ash Ketchum? If yes, then here is your chance to get into the role of a pokemon explored with Pokemon Sapphire, an exclusive game available for those who want to unleash the hunter within. Pokemon Sapphire is the third entry of the main series of Pokemon! The game lets you roam around the Hoenn region together with Team Aquaa and experience the thrill of discovering 150 new species of Pokemons and joining Double Battles in Pokemon Sapphire. This is your never-before chance to capture the legendary water Pokemon Kyogre in one epic battle!
Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Ruby are the franchise of the same series and were released at the same time. With Pokemon Sapphire, players are allowed to capture the legendary Pokemon Kyogre and bring peace back to the land. At the same time, you can participate in Team Aqua. This game comes with endless fun and amazing features like an all-new generation of Pokemon to capture, train, and evolve.
About Pokémon Sapphire
This is a never-before opportunity for the explorers who always dreamed about hunting the top pokemon while on a journey through the land of Hoenn. It can be your once-in-a-lifetime chance to become the ultimate Pokémon Master through collecting, battling, and trading. Here is what makes this game suitable to be on the bucket list of every player.

  • Start out with just 3 Pokemon, and travel across Hoenn
  • Get a chance to earn badges in 8 different gyms
  • More than 350 new Pokemon available to battle with and collect
  • A reinvented battle system for trainers to take two Pokemon into battle instead of just one
  • Get access to endless fun and excitement that advance the storyline
  • Become a hero by helping Team Magma stop Team Aqua

So, why stick to the traditional games that you’ve been playing forever? Be a part of the league a notch above with Pokemon Sapphire, an advanced version of the Pokemon series. This is a GBA game USA region version that you can play for free on our site. The best part about this game is that it is not like the other online games where you can play game online alone and can challenge yourself through various levels. This is a multiplayer game, allowing you to invite your friends to play online with you. At the same time, this game also has game boy advance, pokemon, action, adventure, fighting, simulator, skill, strategy, retro, and emulator tags for the Game Boy Advance console. If you love Pokemon hunting and would like to experience a whole new level online with your friends, Pokemon Sapphire is the choice to make.

How to play Pokemon Sapphire?

With endless games available online to play for free, you don’t always come across a game that is not just unique for its features but also lets you have endless fun with an option to play using your keyboard. Yes, you can use your laptop’s keyboard to play the Pokemon Sapphire game. Following are the game controls of this game:

  • ← → ↑ ↓ = Directions
  • Z = A X = B
  • A = L S = R
  • enter ↵ = Start
  • ← backspace = Select

Note: Players have the option to change the default key mapping to whatever they feel comfortable with. Set the key mapping and then use the Save button to download the save code of Pokemon Sapphire to your computer.

Similar games

Since its launch, Pokemon Sapphire has gained massive popularity, but there are many other similar games that you can choose to play online with Game24S. Let’s explore the options you have:

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Whether you are a new player or have been playing games for free online, Pokemon Sapphire is sure to be your ideal pick as this is an easy-to-play and engaging game, designed to keep the players engaged for a long. And the best part is that there is no need to download any software to play. Simply hit the “Play” button and the game will take you to a whole new world of excitement. It’s going to be a journey full of fun, excitement, and thrill.

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