Shure Shot

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Shure Shot is another FPS game that will not leave you quiet for a second. Action is mixed with another action, and if you think about something else for a moment, you will die ruthlessly by the hand of one of your opponents. Join one of the maps or create your own and wait for other players to join. Together then, you can fight for the title who will collect the highest amount of “frags”, making him the best player of the round. You can play in teams as well, so if you want to share this fun with your friends, do so right now, so you can battle another team which has shown some serious strength before! Fans of firearms, knives and grenades will surely be happy with present weapon arsenal. In this game, you can try to play your opponents both from distance and in close-range combat. Try the style that will suit you the best and control outcome of the battle. Have fun.
*WASD* = move*mouse* = fire*esc* = menu*1*-*4* = weapons*c* = crouch*r* = reload*shift* = run*f* = interaction*e* = pick-up*space* = jump*enter* = chat*tab* = score*m* = lock/unlock cursor

Added on October 9, 2021


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