Subway Clash 3D

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Subway Clash 3D Games is a multiplayer shooter where you must descend into the subways and get ready to lead your team in the fight of the sewers! Shoot and destroy as many of your opponents as possible in order to land yourself at the top of the leaderboards. game24s up multiple weapons and health boosts to help you along the way.

Subway Clash 3D Games on game24s works on mobile web as well so you can take the shooting fun with you wherever you go. Get ready to blast your way to victory in Subway Clash 3D!




WASD/Arrow keys – Move


Mouse – Aim/Shoot


R – Reload


Spacebar – Jump


F – Pick up weapon/item


1-9 – Switch weapons


M – Open map




Kill as many enemies as possible to get the highest score!


Collect weapons and health boosts to help


About the creator


Freeway Interactive is known for the Clash 3D series and is based in Russia. They have other games on game24s: Farm Clash 3D, Ninja Clash Heroes, Rocket Clash 3D, Sniper Clash 3D, Winter Clash 3D and Airport Clash 3D.

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Added on July 22, 2021



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